Poll - As requested by KaliShane regarding the Roadmap


Do the roadmap events need to be spread out to more days of the week? Currently, there is nothing scheduled on Sunday, Friday, and Saturday with the bulk of them on Thursdays.

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  • No

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@kalishane Here you go. I made a poll as you requested.


@Lockdown Made this and I think it looks a hell of a lot cleaner and much more fair for those of us who are f2p. The one major change I would make is to swap the Medals map and the Ultra map. The medals map can’t be farmed but the gear can and certainly does need to be farmed. The second option would be to move the shirts and gloves map to Monday and it’s perfect.


Lol title and poll seem to be switched

If there was a chance to get an actual “recruit” during the recruit roadmaps, like a unique 4* or 5*… Or even an ascendable 5*… That would be awesome… Like it used to be long ago?


Not sure what it is but I like your version of it. :+1:

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Could we maybe have more options? Because I think more days throughout the week would be okay, but I’d rather not load up the weekend. When war is on. I spend 100% of my time in war often neglecting even daily SR (Which I love) and using Salvage tokens for world energy.

You would have to start another poll. Once it’s created you cant make changes to it. I guess you could cheat the results by renaming the selections that way.

Running the simple road maps don’t take too much time and now with the mid Saturday start times you can get your maps in the morning before war even starts. My problem is they are cramming way to many into Thursday and huge energy ones as well.

I would like to see the Weapon Parts one be 48 hours on Sat and Sun. Move Ultra to Fri so we can farm shirts and gloves on Thur for the billion level ups.


I understand where you are coming from. This is why we have polls so show different opinions and such. The weekend schedule for me just isn’t good. It’s the only 2 days a week I get full days with both my husband and daughter. War can take enough chunks of time, I’d rather not add roadmaps into it as well. :blush:

I never had any issues previously with the daily (unlocked)ultimate map, but I think it’s because I had prepared before it was changed. Since the farmable map was so scarce I saved cans and tokens and stocked up on gear. When daily came around, and Thursday maps, I just wouldn’t do gear maps that day. I still have 80+ most gear. But I also don’t drain all resources into every level up put on, maybe that’s why I don’t have these certain issues. I save for faction tourneys mostly.

Thursday blow your load day… lol


Would be nice to have less or nothing else to do on laundry day…

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It has to be spread out. As it stands without the Romanov maps it’s 448 energy required to finish them, that’s 5 and a half refills worth. If you were solely to rely on natural energy it’d take 29.7 hours, so it’s impossible to finish without using refills.

And let’s have every roadmap last at least 24 hours, but then we’ve been saying that forever. Woke this morning to find a weapons part roadmap but with only 8.5 hours left on it. Plus SR, plus the other roadmaps. Apart from there not being enough hours in the day, it’s almost as though they want me to buy World Energy cans. Oh, wait …


If they’re all spread out you dont need to pop cans to finish them…

I’m a bit disappointed into this change of roadmap, it’s becoming a bit tougher to get coats as now you only get one per week whereas before I could farm 5 :confused:

Yeah, it’s at a stadium where I actually would be happy to get even a Exclusiv 3* and that’s not a good sign.

I like this version, and to @Silverback and @IronandWine the recruit roadmap is the “New Recruit” roadmap where you can test drive the promo toon

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In my opinion we shoud always have something each day could be gear… or a small can event or jsut something rather then nothing. :slight_smile:

This being outside of the normal “Daily Roadmaps”?
I agree with you

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I know it’s the test drive set up. What I was saying was it would be nice to win a recruit during the roadmap. Not the premier, obviously, but a “consolation” prize. Some players, like myself, enjoy the collection aspect of the game. I have Matt on my roster because my faction won him in an event many moons ago. It’s a green 4* card, good stats but pretty much useful only on SR. I kept the card because it was rare.

I can already hear the counter argument, and I am not interested in arguing the merit of a roster clogging card just for the sake of having it, I just know it’s something I would like to see. And I doubt I am the only one. Thank you for reading my comments though, @Bane. I appreciate the dialogue.


Not sure whats up with the youtubers and not wanting to play on the weekends. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If there is an event on the weekend I don’t see why you cant take 15 min to auto some of the roadmaps. I still think having 48 hours to run and farm the Weapon parts map over a weekend is the smart move.

I do like your schedule. It’s 100% better than the official one. Although I would make one change. Move the Medals map to Thursday as we don’t need to farm that one but we do need to farm shirts and gloves. Move the Ultra to Mondays so we can farm that.


I appreciate collectors, there are many of you out there. I am not one. Once it check marks on a collection, that is good enough for me. Definitely not going to argue about roster space, that is your space and you do what you want with it, this game appeals to a wide variety of people and brings us all together, keep on surviving :slight_smile: