Poll: Are you satisfied with this year's Xmas event?

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Comment below what you did/ did not like about it.


It wasn’t a great return on investment, but I got a duct tape, a benedict, a million food, so the daily museum stuff was better than the wheel. However, since it was part of the event, I give Scopely a C-.


I have this sneaking suspicion the event was completely nerfed from its original intent. Some clues were @kalishane’s original glowing remarks (granted there may be a grain or two of salt here), but most notably, the collection amount of 25 on the robot collection. As run, f2p can only collect 1, and even the biggest of whales would hard pressed into spending the necessary amount to get the other 288 (or 286 with the free gift) robots in order to do all 25 collections. Something on the order of a free gift every day (so 3 robots) would have provided 3 pulls to all given you ran the roadmap. Or maybe the robot amount was supposed to be 1, then 2, then… up to 12 on the last day providing 78, or 6 pulls. Still low compared to the total collection amount, but more in tune with the intent of the season.

It’s somewhat difficult to believe Scopely could be this tone deaf (I’m giving them an enormous benefit of the doubt here). No one could have reasonably believed the event as run would do anything other than generate ill will and even more disgust in the player community.

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I know the chance of a reply is low, but your player base would appreciate an explanation of why the event was conducted as it was.


I’d bet that based on their internal valuations, they were generous af. This is the biggest disconnect ATM, and one of the biggest things killing the game: internal valuations do not align with player valuations. See craftable battle items as part of the “huge value” offers.

Unless and until players are viewed as more than data points on a monetization potential curve, nothing is going to change for the better.

Merry Christmas!


The reply will be tomorrow and lots of bans to happen as well!!


Nah, we have until the New Year before the ban wave :sunglasses: No one is minding the house this week.

Another pseudo reasonable explanation would be the coincident nugget event took the loot slots which would have been dedicated to robots instead. Or there’s no logical explanation whatsoever and it’s folly to ever believe there was.


The nugget event is NOT part of Christmas. This was regurgitated over and over by Kali. The only reason I mention that is because I dont want to hear a single thing from Scopely resembling a backpedal on the gifts and offer structure from Christmas.

Nugget event has been decent at times and good at times, (the current reward structure on the short SR tourney is bunk) but should not have any bearing on why the Christmas event sucked so bad.

This event was so HYPED by Kali and others, and fell way way short.


You summoned up well everything but the choose your side event this year.


There was a christmas event? I think i just bloqued it from mi mind, so bad to even fill space in my toughts


Totally let down, unfortunately .
The daily grinding for 1 piece of gear sucks. I havent bothered with the gear map because I dont want to use all my world cans running the gear and winter map daily (ya know cuz world can counts didnt get a boost last war, which is another problem in itself :roll_eyes:).

Too much effort for too little in return. The daily rewards were better than the actual pull, which is pretty silly in trying to make an event succesful.


A lot of the above summarise my thoughts. I also thought it was too complex/too many things going on.

Stick with just Santa tokens and various ways to earn them. Not snow globes, Holly, robots and Santa tokens. I enjoyed the Lucile tokens event and in all honesty they could have ran that again and just changed it to Santa tokens and changed up the prizes a bit and it would have been a good event.


1 spin of a wheel to get meh,

No different to have just having a gear bag on any other event, apart from a lot lot lot more work.

Scopley just a reminder, we are you gamers, your customers stop trying to squeeze more out of us you don’t gain anything other than more space on your servers whilst people leave.

In the words of the wise guru Dizzie Rascal, fix up look sharp.


The main problem was the value of prices. You
only get one pull (Free2Play) and the only good item
was the bag with 8 benedicts and more. And even
if the prices were ok, which they aren’t this would be


Main problem is it was crap of event. Rng, rng, rng - even free toon isn’t ascended but you have to gather crap for ascension - which is given with teaspoon. Other option is buy.


It was really, really, REALLY bad. And I’m not one to complain a lot.
The nuggets thing was okay - would’ve been nice if there were other ways to earn it, but still not too bad. The 12 days of carnage thing was simply hideous. TWELVE DAYS OF FARMING for a single piece of gear??? I mean, seriously?


Can someone summarize the prizes as % of 6s. That’s my issue not even enough (unless u pulled the magic box) to ascend a toon. I’d guess something like 8% of the requirements of a 6s ascension requirements were given but too busy to calculate it out.


RNG screwed me everywhere it possibly could. Didn’t get anything I actually needed during the entire event. I kept at it thinking the rewards would get better. Lol.


Watch Scopely come out and make a post this week saying based on the feedback “data” that the Christmas event was an overwhelming success lol


I am positive they will add “players asked for event like this”, same ones that asked for 6* buff. It is probably those accounts from devs they use in game. I doubted at first but I am positive now that they have fictional whales with endless coins/prestige in regions, that are actually devs promoting stuff, cause no one would be so retarded to pull for everything and praise for everything.


You may not be to far off