Poll: Are Survivor Tokens Acceptable War Rewards?

As war nears, it seems almost inevitable that Survivor Tokens will be involved in this weekend’s war rewards. There has been much criticism on the new wheel being underwhelming and not motivating. With this in mind and assuming rewards will indeed be Survivor Tokens, do you feel this is an acceptable reward?

  • Yes
  • No

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I voted yes. But it needs to be a good amount of these tokens, aswell as gear and lilliths. Maybe some legendry medals


I vote No but if they give us 1000 tokens for 1st place 900 for 2nd place etc… I vote yes then.


They need a permanent six star wheel so players hard work doesn’t go away when the wheel expires. Selfish.


What i been saying. Five star wheel replace 4* wheel and 6* wheel replace 5* wheel

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Hahaha try 80 for 1st…20 for 20th and below


20 for 20th? What world you living in? That far down will be 2k 5* tokens


All good for me, i get to have a break lol no war, no worry

Haha this is true…ah I love the pain.

No. But obviously it’s going to be. Needs to be a really decent amount if so.
If we all no matter where we place don’t get at least one pull. It’s total garbage. AOW is boring AF anyway.
It they Don’t give us any incentive to war lower factions have no chance of filling queues.

If not it’s just going to be 5* tokens so it’s better to have these tokens and have a better chance at getting an ascendable or ascended character and better ones too


The yes votes ought to look up Stockholm’s Syndrome😂 no disarm, no legendary decap? Gtfo.


If they give a few pulls then sure.

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If these are war rewards, I hope they give out at least enough for one pull. It is odd that the amount needed is 80 instead of 100-150 but we will see how this plays out soon.

I think rewards are fine for characters pulls.But we could do with way more AS and AR trainers like 20 or 30 for first place please lol. For lower ranks give them the random green yellow red blue trainers just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor… what’s your point?

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Well, i do believe you just made it. Thankee.:joy:

I voted yes because atleast the shit tokens are better than 5* tokens better chances to get a accendable or a 6* .

I dont think they’d go back to 5* tokens. How long has it been since they were given in AOW and CRW? And, im not talkin about the lower ranks (this is a different subject, as i believe the lower ranks need a complete overhaul. Nobody gets effed more in this app).

They set a precedent with the ascendable/6* exclusive wheels. Total crap that they roll back 15-20 steps.

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That wheel is beyond shit. There is one or two 6* that I would even remotely want… and thats IF I’m lucky enough to beat the 90% odds on benny fodder.

How anyone can consider that a worthwhile reward is beyond me.

Half the cucked replies in this thread read like “'yeah well, sure I’m getting f’ed in the a, but I’d rather get the lube, than go dry”. Its pathetic.

Reward for AoW should be necklaces from the Lvl ups… anything else is going to be lame.