Points for raids

The points given for a raid are not balanced. I have more than 30 wins more like the people in front of me. It makes it impossible to get a got ranking because of the lack of resources.

This needs to be fixed…

Waste food looking for opponents that you can score better points from.

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I’ve noticed the points I get from raids has increased. Sometimes it’s 24-25 and othere is 29-30, I’m thinking maybe it has to do with max team grade

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It does have to do with team grade. Also your faction rank may affect it as well iirc.

I didn’t add christa to my team for the first half of raids, and everyone else’s grade jumped. I was getting 4-8 trophies less per raid. I upgraded to S10 and am getting about 4 more per raid now. Gonna try to increase again and see if it gets me back to earning what i did before.

Work to upgrade your team grade

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