Points at survival road

There are a lot of survival roads. I’ve tried to reach #1. If you replay one part you only get one point… I’ve did 314,703 points at the last survival road… ate the end of the event (maybe last 5 minutes) there were some players who did 315k… but how? I asked some players and they said, that there is a way to get more points… any ideas what they meant?
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Finish faster, and use refills.
In short, complete legendary as fast as possible. Then continue to use energy until tourney ends.

Finishing faster would only help if refills could not be used. Then being 1st to the end gives you more time to replay. Given you can go through a can a minute replaying easy early stages, it’s only who wants to burn the most that wins.

That’s the normal way… but we saw some players which completed legendary at the end! The last 5 minutes! And had nearly 1k points more! And players which I asked just said, that there is a special way to get more points in a few minutes, but they didn’t know how! That’s why I ask if someone knows about it… and btw if you ask the support they say ‘read the forum’… I don’t understand :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

Go back and complete levels you didn’t get 3* in for max points then is 1 point no matter what level you do, or as above use tokens when a special Sr event is NOT on and you can put Huge scores up in the final minutes

What do you mean by ‚if a special sr event is NOT on‘?

Atm we have a Sr event on Roadaphon and during these events once Sr is complete you only get 1 point for each additional level you run.

Once the Roadaphon event is over scores will return to normal and you can get 1200 points per additional level

There was a bug the devs claimed was fixed by the time the 2nd SR started which provided the full 3* bonus for replaying levels you had previously got 1 or 2* completion. That would add an insurmountable lead to the score. So maybe it’s that? In theory, it shouldn’t have happening on SR#2 or any future one (until they break it again :rofl:)

BTW, perfect run was 314,525 points, so you can do the math to see how many cans someone used.

315k is the score that took 1st place in my region both events, faction mate used hundreds of cans for 8 points a can

The point bug the developers discussed was league based, the leagues SR ranking would reflect the true region global board.
But the region points were totally fine.

This is max score for completing all levels 3*

Many threads about the SR points. There’s no glitch I am aware of, though. But as I wrote elsewhere

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There was infact a glitch in league SR ranking. It was discussed on discord several times by destroyer the other day

It is what I had already said elsewhere, this event was a complete disaster where its purpose was never known, errors on the one hand, failures on the other, last minute adjustments, corrections there, the only thing that in the end was that it was known that until now there were 2 normal road tournaments, but with the rules of a nightmare road tournament.

The first one someone in my region got 319k almost 320k

Just do the math on how many cans you would have to do from 314,703 to 315,000.
Each can giving 8 points.
I was top ten both events one with 314, 920 the other 314, 782.

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I understand that but not in the last 5 minutes when the player didn’t finish legendary. He finished the road the last 5 minutes plus the points to 315k… and I don’t understand how the player did that… first road same! I had 315k and in the last 5 minutes an other player finished legendary and had 320k points… so many points… and you just get one for replaying.

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