Pointless/Useless features in RTS

Hello there! Today I just wanted to bring up some things in the game that I think are really pointless and do need an overhaul, hope you can add to this list, thanks!

Number 1: Scavenger Mission Supplies
In my opinion this is the most pointless but most easily fixable feature in the game.
You cannot even obtain the last 2 scavenger boost items and the first 2 are far too expensive.
These kind of things would be very useful for things like sending 1 character on a YGL mission to level them up fast. My suggestion would to sell all four for a cheaper price. And put the last 2 as occasional milestone rewards.

Number 2: The “Item” tab win the shop
This is almost as bad as 150 coins for a single basic token. No one buys from this tab and it should honestly be removed over overhauled to sell these items in huge bulks for the same coin price they currently sit at.

Number 3: Gear Radio Roadmaps
I used to find these maps extremely useful for farming gear and food, but since there’s only 1 piece of gear rewarded from them now and you cannot farm them, I find them extremely worthless nowadays. My suggestion would to just simply make them drop gear again.

Well that’s my list, I’ll gladly update it if you can add on to it!

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I think they’ve forgotten these a long time ago. (I still collect and use the first 2, never seen the others)
Since scav camps have been left to rot ever since those ‘‘SCAV EVENTS’’ issues.
See? everything this game has ever done has come with issues & bugs.

Helper tokens. They’re just Basic Tokens except it takes me days to get one pull.

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Yeah, most of the features in the game kinda get dropped after like a week. And by dropped I mean never updated.

I still find them somewhat useful for getting some level up fodder, but I do agree they need to be better.

Prestige Tokens (not a “pointless” or “useless” feature, but should not take so long to get a pull on it).

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I completely agree. Should be only 5 stars and up too (Non ascendable 5 stars and up)


Really, an awesome idea

Glad you agree, I’d personally love to get these scav items since I’m usually in a rush to level a single toon and don’t want to throw pointless characters in too

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its perfect to level up a single toon 6* or two 5*


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