Pm me for the real reason we don't have war

My post was removed almost instantly but if you want the truth, pm me. I have sources and facts behind the reasoning.


Lol I’m intigued

likewise lol. PM sent

Same… PM sent


Pm sent.

Pm sent

I can well believe that info, interesting share - thank you.

Would make an awful lot of sense, especially when questions relating to that topic are still answered cryptically or ignored entirely.

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TBF the reason you’ve given was discussed at length on here yesterday.

Is that post still in the forums

Yes but it’s wasn’t confirmed. They would never tell you even if it was the reason. ( Which i guarantee you it is )

Brian, what you sent me actually makes perfect sense. Shame they still wanna go against things.


Was on the original ‘Apple mandate on loot boxes thread’ I think, but I can’t actually find it.

If they can block Nintendo and the FF franchise, they would have np doing it to rts.

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what if the game becomes only for android uhmm

Too much money to lose on losing ios, they’re going to have to comply or watch what they built burn.

I’m amazed they have allowed this to stay up for 30 mins lol

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Don’t forget about their WWE game which is considerably more popular. They’d be losing that on IOS if they refuse to toss them odds out.

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well maybe it’s time to increase the odds on those loot boxes, I mean it is the best for everyone, it would encourage players that are not regular spenders

Like me i only buy the monthly pass, even that includes a loot box, but I save my daily coins to buy loot boxes (fills, etc)