Plz sirs I begs for nuggets

Plz sirs. I am but humble prestige 11 player who stopped spending due to bankruptcy and medical reasons from being # in the # by pulls. However sirs I know you won’t give me wood nuggets for free but I try hard but I can’t keep up. I only has 3400 currently. With only 12 days remaining I can’t see myself getting lester. Sorry not know his name. He looks like his brother lester. So I ask if I keeps my nuggets will I be able to use them next time again? Or will it turns into Depot points so I can buys burt instead? Thank you holy artifical intelligence that determines what events we have. And I know you exist because no sain person in a live ops team can be so dumb. All praises to scopley AI


Scopely’s response!!!



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since we’re asking for stuff, can I have the luck of all my opponents?


Took me a minute to remember where I have seen this. Of course Code Monkeys. What a good show.


Or fat wallets…I keep forgetting which one it is.


you must be referring to the dedication of your opponents wallets.

am I right? @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook good

thanks @discobot
I knew your wallet was dedicated you old snake in the grass you!!!

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Scopely are all out of nuggets…

Ask them for free english lessons =/

Hummmmm :thinking:

This post made me giggle, thank you :slight_smile:

must be some skill involved in the armory that i dont have/wasn’t aware

Looks like getting enough nuggets to claim Victor is nigh on impossible unless you are a top 200 player and in a top 10 faction. I missed out on Wyatt as only got half the required tokens. It looks like I’ll get the same amount again.

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better get that wallet dedicated if you want that so-called f2p amount of tokens.