Plz show your attack team for road rage act2 stage3!

Ok, not the whale teams, since i am not a heavy spender, but I appreciate if ppl can share which team combo works best. Thank you in advance!!

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I use league mirabelle, kal, dante, alpha, viktor and a fac support of gabe, carl, dante, eugene, etc. I go with the tanky attack team as theirs no time limit on roadmaps and i can slowly pick apart the stage and have my team standing with full hp, takes longer yes but im not failing the map

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I kid ive been using these two

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used fac ericka

wasnt too hard, all have stuns and usually huge on attack


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Faction erika. All stun on attk but the far right alpha.

No support needed! And not a whale, really!

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This is my go to team. May take longer but it works.

Stun on all greens

This be my main team, swap donny for violet is i know what Iā€™m up against.


Sr zeke or five star command heath with get you through the map.

Gonna be trying Mira lead, Kenny, 2 Tyreese, and Hershel


One of your alphas has stun?

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Yes sir. 35 attk, huge ap, stun. Hnnnggg. Took forever.