Plz show ur lates pull from 3 year wheel😀


what is your lates pull



Could have been worse I guess - Could have been Connor. Or a dupe. Or a dupe Connor


Need 5 more for another pull




Just proudly received my 3rd ascendable Spencer out of four pulls.
Well done Scopely you really know how to put the random into rng


Yea…not dupe so im not very dissapointed


i need 20 more tokens for 5th pull


End me


Pulling from the inventory - trying to fob the $205 you spent on the offers as a 3 year anniversary pull?


Didn’t take a picture but 5* Garrett , perfectly happy with that


not dupe but still only for sr


He’s amazing in PvP… don’t know why people want to limit him to SR


Hell Yeah!!!


Got this guy as my 6th pull still need 30 tokens for a 7th pull


He good?


He has potential


6 star Ezek, red Jesus, Red Andrea, yellow Connor, I sacraficed my first zeke, so this is a win.


already had a 5* from recruit pull…atleast saved my ascension medal/fodders tho.


95 tokens :frowning:

Still i’ve got 20something days to get enough coins for a 10 pull to get another pull.

I’m not buying one of those crates, no panic buying just yet lol