PLZ need help to reactivate my account after mobile phone reboot

Hey guys I need some help. I just reboot my Huawei mate 20 and I wand to rejoin, this game back. But first I have conecctet with Google play and Facebook. After reboot I can’t get back to my old account. Some. People in global chat mean I need receipt and my game code. I have all this things. Where I can contact a real scopely administrator he can help me to get rejoin my old account??

Sry my English are not. The best. I am from. Germany and I am just learning English in the school.

With best regards

Mr friedrich

Install the game on the new device, play through the tutorial until you can get to your menu option, then open a ticket with support in game (menu, options, support). Ask support to transfer your main account to this device. Include in game name, region, faction, and level. Attach a screenshot of a receipt for purchase.

If in game support doesn’t work for you (it doesn’t work if your phone is set to a language other than English), then open a ticket from their web portal. Https://

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