Plz moar lvlup and higher milestones :(


Hey scopely,

Can you please raise the milestones for the next levelup to 20 Million? I just got my christmas bonus from work and have no idea what to spend it on so i was hoping i could invest in some burts and food bags, but without the right incentive it does not feel worth it.
So if you could make the next Sololevel up have a 20M milestone that has an awesome reward like a schoolbag or something i would happily throw my money at you!
I know this might take a while since recently there have not been a lot of lvlups but please take it into consoderation if there ever is another one.


Lol I know this is a sarcastic post, but still an idiotic and unrealistic request to ask Scopley for. :laughing:


maybe they will do the opposite :rofl:


If i made a somewhat realistic request they might think i am serious😅


Nah this is Scopley. They always listen, but does the opposite like the user above stated. You want lower milestones? Scopley will most definitely say screw you to new players and dedicate all events to payers. You want trainers? Scopley will put out useless 4 and 5* gear and tokens instead. Lol


lol just wanted make a similar thread today :slight_smile:


Might as well give us several Replenish as milestone reward and some 1 star Susans as ranking prize.

No kidding. I will gratefully use them to complete the mighty daily missions like: “Use 10 Battle Items” and “Level up a character’s Adrenaline Rush by 1 level”.

Without them, how am I supposed to get my favourite Bronze Radio? Come on, I need the Safety Helmet. Just one more. To tier up my 3 star Sandy.


Definitely higher milestones and 5 minute delay between SOLO level ups is needed, back to back time should be shorter.


Why not overlap two lvl ups? So we can have double fun.

While some lazy players think it will get them double points… No! The second lvl up is locked and you can’t gain any point for it until all the milestones of the first one are completed, so as to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking new tournament.


+1 you are asking too much, overlaping points does not gain cash and no cash no fun, cocaine…