Plz help me build a new team

Help me build a new team atk and def whit mods i cant figger it out any more :confused:

I have stun guns red and green and Blue impair and db atk
And yellow abd and bonus ap to all

What kind of team are you having problems with?

Almost every1 i cant get any defend anymore and lose 40% of all raids even agenst basic teams that shud be ez

But the new meta teams are inposibule the 1s whit zac or negan or doc

For attack i can see;
Blue andrea lead
(Plus 20% ap rifle)
Earl for dissarm
Sophia for support
Tyreese with 20% ap rifle
Behind magna taking all the dmg and impairing the enemy for there troubles, thus you can focus on raider/slayer weapons for the others instead of defensive weapons as magna is the only one taking dmg (having confuse/taunt/stun resists on her)
Earl ensures clean hits so the others build rush, def down with Sophia and crowd control with confuse, then decap a line, repeat for the the other line etc. may not work against paypacks but im sure a single hit from ty if hes modded nice after a def down from sophia will kill a negan, sophia doesnt need extra attack as you dont wana set off too many paybacks.

Okey i will try that thanks anything for def to? And more tips

Use hp and def mods, you want to time people out.
Use 30% def or hp weaps with huge ap on atk and huge ap on dmg for all toons.
On Andrea use 30% def & 30% HP and try for absolute def.

You want all toons behind andrea to rush quickly, but you don’t want Andrea to rush at all.

Pick your resistance mods based on what they can resist themselves. Andreas active skill recovers confuse and her rush gives focus, so giving her a taunt and confuse resist is important. If they bring reds to atk you because of your Carl lead, they may have stun guns, so putting stun resist on your Ty and Solange is important, and Ty needs stun resist esp since he had indom, but bleed resist on him too would be helpful, so he doesn’t go down to lacerator Rick or Shiva etc.

For Ranged, Erika lead, Erika, Magna, Hunter, Eric. Using the same method, huge ap on both atk and dmg and hp and def mods, and massive hp and def on Magna so she can take the hits.

Hope that helps.

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