Plushies- The response

I personally figured nothing would come of it…but how is lying about it then telling people nah we don’t feel like it the correct way to go about it.


Y’all could have made them worth trainers/gear/medals/armory tokens/anything really?

Since you’re not giving us anything on the game unless we pay for it.

I think the decision of this is pure laziness on the devs end. Period.


True but at least they said something


JB must be turning around in his grave, rip plushies


It’s been so long that I can’t even remember. Was there an official post from scopely saying they would be reused?


Not officially, just jb said it

Don’t be fooled JB told us because there was plans to reuse them.

They are PURPOSELY not reusing them because the reuse factor would have been gear trainers another toon etc.

They want people to buy all that now.


Scopely giving info

This company has been enabled to treat us like shit through years of getting away with it. As gov said, would have been easy to give an exchange rate in museum for gear or trainers… Thats what a company who cares about their customers does. They honor an employees word. But this company, there is seemingly no repercussions ever.


thanks for taking it to the team @GR.Scopely

but maybe scoeply can save money and just give us a random email which we can send feedback too, seems the same, nothing happens lol

they could just convert it to like 1supply point jsut tobshut us up lol

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least they said something after months and months of questioning them… good on scopely.

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Right if they had any integrity they would of acknowledged we were given information that they were going to be reused and put up a collection for them. Wouldnt of had to be anything amazing. Just something, anything.

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Lol what’s good about it? Going back on their previous stance on the issue?

It’s not even that big of a deal to me because Romanov was trash and soon after came S class. It’s just the principle of this company continuing to treat their customers poorly. Such a stingy company.

Yeah only took them about 4.5 months. Maybe the team just got to it.


Wrong info or no info thats how we play


and the occasional half baked info.

i was being sarcastic lol

Ha. Sorry. Well then to other guy who said at least they said something lol

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Jb said on line and the forum actually they would be reusable, but honestly I knew 100% they wouldn’t be, it’s why I’ve never hounded them like I did with gold bars.
But still doesn’t make it right that he said it to probably appease us at the time.
Them posting a thread about it is surprising, is this the beginning of better communication… hmm mm we shall see.

but at least they are now selling platinum mods, wait weren’t they not going to sell them either :see_no_evil:

Is it a platinum daze mod?!?