Plushies scopely.. where are they

You said you will be able to use plushies, there will br another collection with plushies. How much more are we going to wait for the collection?


You guys are going crazy over the plushy’s when some people still have broken Christmas ornaments for four years ago. Take a breath step back and be patient.


We all know Scopely is too lazy to actually bring them back

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They’re too busy working on the next S-Class

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If you think about it it would be lazy bringing them back as they wouldn’t need to make anything new as they are already a thing and they already have it designed and was in game

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Oh shit

you right

You are definitely right about the new S-Class thing because this next week we should have another in the game

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Come on Scopely, troll these guys hard. Release pug or terrier plushies.


I want beagle. And as a reward of 5.000.000 beagle plushies jeremiah please

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