Pls Stop Doing Maintenance During Events!

could you pls tell the “Team” to stop doing this during events!? It’s annoying as hell!

We get there needs to be stuff done to do minor fixes, but to do it right in the middle of a events is asinine!
It makes about as much sense as it does a road crew working on the highway during rush hour traffic. It’s simple, do the maintenance in between events. I know I’m not alone on this.
I was Mid Raid and got booted bc of this. So not only do I lose NRG that I Paid for but I lose the raid too bc someone doesn’t have enough forethought to do this during down times. This shouldn’t even be a issue.

I’m not sure if it’s the case this time, but some maintenance is too urgent to wait until an event is over.

That being said, all planned maintenance should occur between events in my opinion.

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For real I was in mid road map with test tubes that I bought on Saturday when there was maintenance and I ended up losing the test tubes I’ve been talking to customer service all day most can tell how well that’s going

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Hmm… when is this downtime in between events you speak of.


The maintenance break helped people in my region see that Donny became ascendable as well as the new wheel. Before the maintenance break they wouldn’t show up at all.

We near enough constantly have events running. Don’t discourage therm from fixing the game.

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Scopely fixing the game… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m an optimist lol

Not announced maintenance in an online game = major, unexpected eff up being dealt with. This is just a PR way to say “we have a problem”. Nothing to get upset about as it is not intentional. No company can admit to chaos or random problems, that’s bad for business :slight_smile:

I was driving home when it happened. Could have gotten real messy.

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