Pls scopely add RNG to all aspect of the game that's what keep the game going

Add chances about characters’ stats and adrenaline rush and active I believe that will create some kind a balance and player base would complain less

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:roll_eyes: The trolls are in full force on the forums today i see


I mean they have even added RNG to starting the app, some folks cant even get it loading. Add it to all rushes and actives, what more can go wrong now :joy:

Let there be chaos in its full glory!


This would be epic but not a mega epic as them selling AR energy cans for coins, then the battles will only last 1 round :grinning:

When starting game, a chance of 95.5% of it being bugged, and if you buy TWD Just For You offers, you get a shiny 0.2% of starting your game without bugs.


Man I would love to have a whole team of RNG toons.

This idea sounds as fun as losing Russian roulette. And the RNG in that still doesn’t shaft you as hard as here


same! lets gather a squad just for the giggles :rofl:

RNG on the load screen :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Imo if they wanted to make him a gambling character. They should have made an rng specialist. Like %20 person chance to gain 100% ap on normal attack

Do this while reading TWD comics, and you have created RTS.

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