Pls make 6* territory events regular weekly

scopely this is a very good event. make it regular weekly.


Yes please!

Inb4 people complain they didnt get one

They do need to make it 1 hour rewards again, make them choice boxes and open all 10.


Exactly this :clap:

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Absolutely this! This will make it a fairer and more balanced game.

Would love this

Yes please


Being in Houston only the top faction hordes them with s class teams. So my faction is looking for a friendly home so those Azz hats can stay in a dead region.

Any descent regions that the number 1 faction doesn’t want to kill the region for everyone?

There are. I’m in the top faction of our region and we asked our people to stack one territory and not to hit the others.

2 times at month would be great and fair enough

Our region is good, we made sure all top 5 faction controlled one, even sent ppl out of our faction to help them organize stacking them better so they would hold.

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