Pls explain de milestones :/


So theese are the fac lvl up milestones
Not only am I confused on what happened to em 6* t3 and 4 gear but a aden at 2 mil I barely get any from war but to use him as a 2 mil milestones is a kick in the balls I mean if bennidicts gonna be 750k point there’s fot to be something good at 2mil right like ascenndable 5* gps or canteen. Ya know not 2 mil aden to troll us infact they confuse me and I would like you to tell the employees that made this that theese milestones are quite frankly downgraded version of the ones from the. Not gonna complain too much doe it’s actually nice to see diffrent milestones but pls make them worth it lol I know some ppl are also gonna be angry that it’s gone back to 150 k bejng lowest milestone but for how points work now 150 isn’t really hard with new points system