Plese! This time no

Plese give us a 5A 6 whell…Not shitty stash 98% of players win nothing…

Okay, just because you asked nicely.


Yeah my bad didn’t read that right. So the 5* wheel will be updated but they will never make a dedicated 5* ascendable wheel. dont keep your hopes up man

I sort of understand…you want a 5 star ascendable or a 6 star reward for war…and not a crappy stash…i am in total agreement.

But we all know that scopes will not give us what we want.

And what will it matter unless you are the number one or two faction to win it all?

I would be happy for gps/canteen or similar epic gear


The toons are crap as well… It isnt worth to fight for them. i wouldnt mind the format, but the toons are just pure sht

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