Plese scopely give us this weekend 1 single BLITZ war / AOW or give us better rewards

Plese Scopely make this weekend intresting…Faction events are boring as fuck and rewards are trash…Give us blitz/Aow or better rewards like winter tokens / Walker tokens or even coins(that would be amazing)

Nah… Here is another level up event for 24 hours and here is 20 offers for you - scopely :smirk:

They know if in a top rank fac you HAVE to do good in fac events so they make them 24 hours to force use of cans, coins and/or money and they give crap rewards cause even if it is crap rewards you have to help the faction.

It is getting to the point im going to hop out of factions each 24 hour fac event weekend and not bother with it at all

Fixed it for you.

Hopefully those people learn sooner than later they are paying for a broken game that is dying :money_mouth_face:

CRW CRW CRW :подмигивать:подмигивать:подмигивать:

I’d be cool with a blitz war. Anything else is just gonna suck this late in December.

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They are all out of office busy cashing in the fat Christmas bonus we’ve given them this year. Don’t expect them to come into office until next year, unless there’s a bug that benefits the players :smiley:

we will take this back to the team
I e. will you coin like crazy during war this weekend, if so we will think about it

I agree…a blitz war or maybe open the special terrotories.

Heck…i’d be happy with onslaught too…but only slightly.

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