Plese no more War tokens


I like the idea of saving them and letting them carry over so people can actually use them. Unfortunately that’s not how scimpley works. It’s you fight and pay and still not have enough or fight and pay more for a chance at a character you already have.


Not all top 3s contain all whales. That’s just silly. No one should be letting the tokens expire. Get them and use them. Simple. I just don’t like the crap in the stash itself. It’s nonsense stuff. Give us better things like gear.


The answer to your question: because they make more money the way they have it now.


Why are whales always so defensive. I think it’s because you feel guilt and remorse over having spent so much money in the game. I spend a little here and there and every time I do that’s how I feel.

Why can’t whales let the small fish earn a taste are you that scared or just that selfish?

BTW You missed the entire point. Absolutely and completely.


Stash is very good idea but actually all out of top 6 faction spent their weekend to get supply points :confused:


That’s why being able to save them would give a reason for 7-2000 to actually give a crap about CRW. Even if your not on a top team and your faction earns 5 but you can save them until you have 40 you and your faction earns a toon. It might take 4 months but you still get a toon.

Right now it’s either finish top 6 or pay for the rest or walk away after an entire weekend with some garbage like low level weapon parts and item tokens at least as far as the stash is concerned.

This is the point and the way it should be. Over time everyone gets a toon and there is still the option to buy tokens to open more stashes. Win-win.


That would be great way to go I agree :wink:

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