Plese no more War tokens


Why i fight in war for few shitty items and no A character?War tokens are much worse than Whells…95% of players in war cant even get a single pull…



Okay, no more rewards. You asked for it, now you shall (not) receive.


If all 25 of 30 members in the top 6 factions in each matchup get 200k that is 150 players per matchup. I believe there are 28 or more matchups? That’s 4,200 people completing the first stash


Just because you dont like them doesnt mean we all feel the same. Join a better faction…


The contents of the stash are garbage. But, completing the stash is the goal. Honestly, the scaling of the rewards is terrible. Top 15 should get enough war tokens (rank reward + 200k milestone) to complete the stash. That’s theoretically top 2 from each region.


My faction agreed that the amount of war tokens given is not very good. Joining a better faction does not solve the issue of poor rewards in general


Well maybe the war tokens should stay for the top few factions then the prizes change as you get lower down the board. Or another stash with less token requirements but not as good toons or maybe one or two goods and then a couple common but still decent characters


If your faction cant place high enough to get a pull even with the 200k milestone thats no ones fault but your faction for either not being strong enough or active enough. If im not mistaken top 8 this last crw got the first stash finished.


@JB.Scopely are we certain these will not carry over again?


Only top 4 got 40 or more stash tokens without hitting 200k. Top 6 if you assume they all got 200k. But even if it was top 8 that could finish the first stash, that typically means only the top team in each region so even if you are a #2 faction in your region you missed out. Kinda tough to say a #2 faction in their own regions needs to get stronger or more active.


My fac is the top faction and finished #6 in CRW lol


It would be ok if it was a permanent wheel so you could get there eventually.


Can’t complain can’t wait for next war stash if rewards are as good as the first two stashes:)

Keep on surviving


The worst part is you don’t have a chance of a 6*


But… Did u die?


They may as well just give a certain amount of teams them in crw let’s say top 20 and regular war top 6 past that just give 5* tokens. My faction finished 68th last crw and got 10 tokens I was better off even been giving 2k 5*


War tokens would be fine if you could just save them up for when you can complete a stash or save them up for one that’s appealing to you. This would guarantee toons for everyone with the only difference being is how long it takes and they can still make money and sell extras to people who want more than one chance for the stash.

Shortsightedness, as always.


Yes please. No more they suck


So you would rather they go back to what just awarding the top 3 with a toon so only the whales can get them? Go back to 5-star useless tokens?

The stash is the best idea they came up with the only problem is that we lose the tokens when the stash expires. If we could just save them then everyone over time no matter where they rank in the game would earn a toon. This is by far the best solution as its fair for everyone who plays the game. It also allows scipley to make money because there will always people who have that “gotta have it now” or that “one more chance” when they fail to pull the desired toon from the first stash.

How come a multi-million dollar company can’t figure this is a far better solution and how it would keep more players engaged is my question.