Ok about a month and a half of back to back to back to back to back to back sololvl ups. Is ridiculous having them so often. We haven’t had a faction event other then crw and the trash onslaught all month abd stil gotta wait another 2 weeks for fac lvl and fac raid. Not necessary

Why so many level ups?!?

I like the solo level ups I remember back in the day having to wait a week for a level up to level toons I got no problem with it


You can’t get 6* Jeremiah from a faction LU, you can with this solo LU.

Solo LU > Faction LU.


I love all the solo level ups. I just think Scopely needs to mix in more events and have the solo level be in the background instead of it being the only event running.
Example: Blitz war as main even with a solo level in the background.


How about no ? The only reason I level up is because of slu


I use most level ups to prepare toons (get them to t3/t4 lvl 1) and just do the first couple of milestones for whatever collectible is on offer. Then like with Jeremiah now, hit it hard and try to win a good character. If you try and hit 2 mill every level up it gets tiring quickly


S level up ,let me take some rest from the game and play casually so i love level up .so keep level up .thanks


Now I do not care about lvl. My scavenge farm “you got lucky” has been disappeared for a few days and I do not complain. :đang ngủ:


You dont have to do them.


It’s been weeks since any faction event. We’ve got 2 Onslaughts that most people don’t like. We have faction mates that are sittings on tons of trainers and they would like to spend them on faction lvl up, not solo one’s.Those people would actually pay for their faction to win. Not everything and not everyone is about solo.

We’ve had 2 CRW’s lately and another one planned on the weekend, while no Blitz or AOW lately. There are people who simply don’t have teams on monster level yet and are not able to fully participate in Onslaught or CRW. It may be discouraged. The same people have great participation in other fac events like raids, SR, lvl ups.

Please bring the balance @JB.Scopely


i won it twice in the last 8 weeks or so, it’s a perfect way to add a fairly decent 6* to your roster if you are a f2p or a minimal spender like me. I got Anna and Jeremiah from it so all I’m more than happy with those level ups.


Ooooh stop the solo lvl up and do faction lvl up ,lol


Good times


But after Blount gets transfer keys! I mean what else is a retired player to do then lvl up once every few days?!?!


Why is this a problem? It rewards you for doing the standard everyday leveling that you would do anyway. It rewards you for prepping yourself for a big run by tiering up toons.

If it were replacing other tourneys, I’d be miffed, but it’s a supplement that you don’t have to participate in.


Just do the milestones you want and prep toons until you are ready to take the top of a levelup for a 6*.


Idk what you would want in place of the level up …I mean we are getting rewards for growing our roster


I always have some toons to lvl, prizes are cool, gear is not a problem for most of the time too.
It’s pretty chilled event during which i can check every few hours to get toons from training ground, lvl some, burn some energy for more survivors and add more hours to training grounds so i can come back in few hours again.
I think it should run 24/7 :smiley:


Totalmente de acuerdo con el de arriba


They need to boost gear though if they’re gonna run these non stop