Please wait 12 hours for the coins to land in your inbox

Ok…this is ridiculous. I don’t care that much about the 1250 coins…i’ll Take them, don’t get me wrong.

But this is the dishonesty that your entire post about “promises for the future” should be trying to combat…you say you want to be honest and upfront with your players and then you make up some lie about how for some reason, the internet is just super slow on the day that you sent us coins…

You did NOT send coins or everyone would have them…so don’t SAY you sent them and that it will take 12 hours to “land”

If there is a reason why you delayed the coins just say what the reason is…or at LEAST make up a believable lie like the programmer is sick today…or the free coin server crashed…something…

But what has happened is that for some reason, you decided that it was better for Scopely to delay the coins for 12 hours
…it conflicted with some other offer you had running…or something…and you make up this HORRIBLE excuse of “cyberspace is just super slow today” so that you SOUND like you are fulfilling your promise when you clearly are not.


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