Please vote....More faction events mid week?


  • More faction events mid week!
  • Same as it is!

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You forgot to put LESS as an option.


Outside of war, No. You are expected to put forth more effort for shittier prizes than a solo event. Meh


No thanks


Being in a top 3 faction i say no, imagine this dudes thinking in theirs HQ or the nearest pub to them “ ahh so they want faction even lets give them 2 faction level, 2 faction raids and faction SR per week” and in faction events if you are in a top 3 faction you are bound to achieve the objectives or the leads start sending ingame msg like: ok guys excelent work, but the low score put some points” and do not misundestand me i acheive my milestones every faction event, i get my 2mill in level up and 2400 or 4200 in raids but if these events we so close i could not do it, and what i like of the solo events is that if i dont want to be part i have some free time in the week and im not obligated to participate


No thanks


I vote 1 day off middle of week with no events


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