Please, Update the 4* Wheel


Another thing which need to be updated is the
4* wheel, especially because the 5* wheel and
premier recruits were already updated.

Here are my Ideas:
4* Allen
4* Axel "Road to Survival #1"
4* Dale "Days Gone Bye"
4* Bridget
4* Dexter "Safety Behind Bars"
4* Denise - "All Out War"
4* Mark - "All Out War"
4* Carson "Road to Survival #1"
4* Joey
4* Elenor "Ties That Bind"
4* Mariana “Ties That Bind” (Unreleased)
4* Conrad “Ties That Bind” (Unreleased)
4* Heather
4* Carmen (Unreleased)
4* Jeremy (Unreleased)
4* Christine (Unreleased)
4* Estella
4* Devin (Unreleased)
4* Brooke (Unreleased)
4* Valerie
4* Carlos (Unreleased)
4* Pocky
4* Jane (Unreleased)
4* Kelly "A New Beginning"
4* Connor “Road to Survival 1” (Unreleased)
4* Gregory "Road to Survival 1"
4* Jean (Unreleased)

This are all of my Ideas at the moment, if you
any other good suggestions, I will add them here,
and maybe someone from Scop will notice this.



What about that 4* Carson with tenacity? Is he any good for this request list?

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Oh, I can’t believe it. There is actually a character
I don’t know? :open_mouth:

Wait, let me research.

No, that’s a bad Idea. I still use 4* in diffrent teams
and with more characters on the it wheel be harder
to get someone you want.

And think about new players, who
just started to playing the game.

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I decided to make a list of all the rare and unreleased characters, and how I think they should be released (or permenantly re-released). This is set up to roughly balance the amounts and strength of exclusive characters of each trait from each acquisition source. Let me know if the list isn’t appearing correctly


Rosita (road to survival 1) – supply depot
Carl (days gone bye) – elite characters
Jeremiah – helper tokens
Ezekiel (shiva force) – premier pulls
Dwight (limited edition) – world stages

Michonne (road to survival 1) – helper tokens
Michonne (what we deserve) – supply depot
Rick (limited edition) – world stages

Dwight (road to survival 1) – supply depot
Rick (road to survival 1) – helper tokens
Jesus (limited edition) – world stages
Oscar (life and death) --elite characters

Andrea (unknown title) – basic tokens
Lori (days gone bye) – elite characters
Negan (something to fear) – helper tokens
Gabe (ties that bind) – supply depot
Ezekiel (limited edition) – world stages
Negan (limited edition) – premier pulls


Gregory (road to survival 1) – prestige tokens
Rabinder – 4 Star tokens
Dwight (road to survival 2) – elite characters
Pocky (limited edition) – premier pulls
Ezekiel (shiva force) – premier pulls
Dwight (limited edition) – world stages
Lori (road to survival 2) – premier pulls
Darcy – 4 star tokens
Mark (road to survival 1) – ascendance
Marianna (ties that bind) – elite characters
Devin – supply depot
Jeremy – supply depot

Denise (all out war) – elite characters
Eric (march to war) – elite characters
Heather – ascendance
Valerie – supply depot
Eleanor (ties that bind) – premier pulls
Rick (limited edition) – world stages
Estella – prestige tokens
Dominic – prestige tokens
Carlos – 4 Star tokens

Bridget – premier pulls
Dale (days gone bye) – premier pulls
Dexter (safety behind bars) – prestige tokens
Kelly (a new beginning) – elite characters
Jesus (limited edition) – world stages
Connor (rts 1) – survival road
Kimberly – 4 Star tokens
Anton – ascendance
Conrad (ties that bind) – elite characters
Jean – prestige tokens
Jane – supply depot
Carmen – ascendance

Axel (road to survival 1) – prestige tokens
Allen (road to survival 1) – elite characters
Carson (road to survival 1) – elite characters
Tony – 4 Star characters
Matt (limited edition) – premier pulls
Ezekiel (limited edition) – world stages
Negan (limited edition) – premier pulls
Negan (road to survival 5) – prestige tokens
Darnell – ascendance
Vicki – 4 Star characters
Brooke – supply depot
Christine – ascendance


Antonio – ascendance
Brianna (march to war) – prestige tokens
Connor (something to fear) – elite characters
Duane (no name) – elite characters
Maria – ascendance
Carson (life and death) – ascendance
Tara (what comes after) – 5 star tokens
Tess – legendary training
Mirabelle (road to survival edition 1) – ascendance
Maggie (something to fear) – premier pulls
Dwight (something to fear 2) – supply depot
Morgan (no way out) – ascendance
Dwight (limited edition) – premier pulls

Andrea (no name) – elite characters
Carl (what comes after) – elite characters
Erin – prestige tokens
Eugene (no turning back) – supply depot
Lori (days gone bye) – elite characters
Monica – premier pulls
Negan (a new beginning) – 5 star tokens
Rose – prestige tokens
The wanderer – legendary training
Duane (road to survival 1) – ascendance
Roadie – 5 Star tokens
Erika – ascendance
Madison – premier pulls

Glenn (road to survival 1) – supply depot
Aaron (no name) – elite characters
Abraham (road to survival 1) – premier pulls
Amy (days gone bye) – ascendance
Connie – prestige tokens
Derek – elite characters
Douglas – legendary training
Dwight (no name) – ascendance
Hershel (road to survival 1) – premier pulls
Jose – 5 Star tokens
Margaret (road to survival 3) – 5 star tokens
Spencer (no way out) – ascendance
Dwight (a new threat) – premier pulls
Axel – ascendance
Jessie – premier pulls
Jesus (limited edition) – premier pulls

Aaron (march to war) – ascendance
Audrey – legendary training
Davie – prestige tokens
Ezekiel (life and death) – elite characters
Jackson – 5 star tokens
Knox – premier pulls
Michonne (the calm before) – supply depot
Dale (fear the hunters) – Elite characters
Tyreese (the best defense) – ascendance


That’s a very good list and I feel
the same way, but I couldn’t find
a way to find a place for some
5 Stars like Douglas or Erin, because
there too good, I guess.

Have any screenshots of any of those unreleased 4*/5* characters?

I’ll will wait until eternity I guess

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