Please update standard Supply Depot. Adens, Ulysses, etc


With all of the tokens and free characters we have received over the last few months plus all of the Supply Depot points from war crates, some of us are building up a huge stash of Supply Depot points. I am currently at 196k. However, there is nothing of value to buy. Please add 5* ascendable characters, Aden, Lilith and Ulysses to the Supply Depot. If a persona trainer is 2.5k SD I would gladly pay 5-10k for an Aden. Otherwise all of the points are useless. Help us out. We need 6* trainers!


I spent my depot points on fodder lol, deffo could use some Aden’s in there though. +1


In faction assault u have trainers for 6* in depot. Just wait for it :wink:


I’d like to see an update in the elite item wheel. Add the new gear and trainers to it.


Oh yeah. Lets grind for another form of game currency instead of using SR Markers and SD we already have. Are you retarded? If you take a second and get your head out of Scopely’s butt you will realize there are many improvements Scopely can make to existing features. They are notorious for creating new content and not fixing or updating existing content or leaving it with bugs. How about updating old features we use already. Supply Depot needs a lot of new content and old stuff should be removed just like 5* token wheel. SR Depot is pretty stagnant too. How about putting a new ascendable SR toon in that depot. But for you to sit there and just be happy getting spoon fed that is just dumb. Request change and updates instead of being a lap dog.


100% Agreed! Take out all the elite gear, Burts and hiking boots and add in Ulysses, other Active trait trainers, and higher odds for Adens and Benedicts. Maybe a watch or crank radio too even though odds will be small. Get rid of the trash.


This would be great. Remove 3* stuff btw. Then those 2k elite tokens as rewards would at least partionaly make sense…


I liked when Lillths 1st came out and dropped occasionally.

Now they never seem to drop…if so very rarely.