Please unclaim my Choicebox of 1000 cards

The are soo many errors in my progress in museum which show

sounds like there is a lot of errors by you


Sure not by me, last time there is 5* pete anderson for 2000 cards. Correct me if Im wrong.

there has never been a 5* pete Anderson in the musuem only sclass

only way 5* and 6* pete has been available is from wheel pulls but the musuem has only ever been the sclass version of him

Well, there is 5* pete toon but I don’t have srceenshort for proof. Too bad for me.

Actually there has been the 5 and 6 star in there

yes as stated from wheel pulls not musuem

pete is the only toon to not have 5 and 6* version in the museum it has always been sclass only it was originally for 11k blue keys then changed to pete cards

I’m fairly certain that either the 5* or the 6* version was in the museum during Pete’s initial promo (1 or two weeks I think), possibly both. You could never get Pete at a discount using the 6*, but if you wanted to, you could get them. They did not come back when S Pete was added back.

ETA Lagas, they can do that but don’t want it to become a pattern. I’d try again (you might get a different CS person) and point out that you did not make a mistake, you were acting on the wrong information the game gave you, and should not be punished for a game error.

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His initial run had a collection for 5* 6* and S Class as also stated here:

This is very confusing. Daiyu, HenYen, Laopo , Mercer 5* toon cards is not stated in museum. I haven’t completed it.

This is a known bug. Ask support to tell you how many cards you have for each toon and then when you have enough to claim a collection ask support to claim them

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Yes right, they take 1-2 days to reply back. I am sure can not keep up tracking collecting cards this way.

Yeah it’s a really pain I know

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