Please tell us you have away path to complete

The unicorn characters AR event. At the very least put them in the arena draft mode for us to pick. As for jiafeng hopefully you have another roadmap using him.

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Any employee on, maybe want to comment on this?

It’s Elena we are stuck on. It seems the vast majority are stuck on at least 1 character. And drafts shouldn’t be the ‘way out’ they use.

  1. You will have to use extra tickets you might not want to use to make sure you hit 10.
  2. You will be forced to pick a character that may not sync with your other characters, giving you a disadvantage over others who have the toons
  3. Even if they are a possibility, there is no guarantee that they will come up as an option
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Only good way is to offer roadmaps with them as support


Jiafeng roadmap came out before the event so if you played the game as intended you got screwed out of using him because you finished the RM.
Our region has 1 known Elena, so we might share her.


Pick the toons in draft of the arena it helps also. Ive got them all now.

Doesn’t matter there’s not enough beads in the game to complete so I’d just move on and take what you can from the stash (worst event ever):hugs:

I did 13 extra draft so far, only characters of the ones in events is Amber and Michelle. So unless they add the others you can not just do draft.

Scopely may consider hoping factions to use toons for missions as an exploit, same way they did for the coin missions

But who knows we never get any ■■■■■■■ answers.

Still hoping for a answer.

Yeah I wonder if because people are talking about it being the only known way to use the characters AR, that they’ll lock us in a faction, like they did to stop that.

Just to stop it from closing and still waiting for answer.

I guess it’s sales of the characters is the only way huh?

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