Please tell me who to contact


My game has now been totally broken for 55 days. For the full story, se this thread Game resetting after 5-10 seconds, in a loop but the short version is that the game resets after 5-10 seconds, over and over again. I’ve tried different devices on different platforms which run other accounts just fine and it still doesn’t work.

I can’t get to in-game support, I’ve tried email using the web portal on scopely’s site, I’ve messaged @JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely here multiple times with no response, I’ve created the above mentioned thread, in which @JB.Scopely suggested I do again what Id already done several times, and that didn’t work either and he never came back.

Please, somebody tell me who I can contact. Others who said they had the same problem got theirs resolved, and in much less time.


Apparently jb doesn’t answer his messages on the forums so you’d have to find him on line or discord.
Maybe with this new update you will get lucky and have it solve itself…sorry not much I can offer to help and that really sucks. I dont know any game that would leave their customers out cold for 2 months.
I read your other thread and I see you did message jb online. So idk lol
You have other accounts that work but not this specific one? Its crazy this can happen and no one can figure out what’s wrong. Like I said I hope maybe the new update will work the kink out…have u downloaded the new update?


This can be where you cam contact JB through Discord. Hope it helps Nikki


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I’m starting to really understand the “keep surviving” memes much better.


Try here:

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I installed the update, still no luck! Super sadface emoji.

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Honestly maybe find another game if jb cant take the time to help and support won’t help either
If you spent money go through apple or google and get a refund. Its ridiculous no one can help you or knows why your account is messed up.


Update! I’ve been contacted by a dev, so I’m actually really hopeful this time. I’ll update again if it works out.


Woohoo only took 2 months


I’m having the same issue as well. My game is in a constant loop from the splash screen to the game. 5-10 seconds later it reboots back to the splash screen and repeats. Uninstalled, forced closed. Updated my iOS to the latest update. Still in a loop. Contacted Shawn from Scopely, he asked I put in a ticket to Support. Nothing yet. Hopefully this gets resolved before CoW.


I’ll let you know what gets done. I can’t get my account code so they’re having to try and find my account. If you have yours I think it will go easier for you.


They found my account, and pushed the issue to an engineer. I’m getting hopeful!


Nothing yet. I was hoping to be in CRW, but I guess not. :sob:


Eventually they will come back and tell you it’s a problem with slow data speed and to leave your game open for 20 minutes. Keep on surviving.


No news yet. I should have learned by now not to get my hopes up.

It’s day 69 now, by the way.


Has anyone even contacted you?