Please take a look at your damn wheels


Two back-to-back anniversary pulls. First one’s from lucky tokens. I’m sick of this.


At least it wasn’t a 5* zeke


I know right! Am sick of free too!


Would you be pissed if you pulled 2 Erica’s?
Stop being salty and just depot the toon if your that unhappy


I mean I’ll get take em if you unhappy


That sucks,i got 2 red jesus’,1 from lucky tokens and one from 3 year tokens,I’ll be so pissed if i get a 3rd


Ugh free OP 5 star ascendables, I hate it when I dont pull Erika this game is sooooo trash


I mean, a mira lead and 4 andreas doesnt sound too bad. 2 characters die and the remaining andreas are op.


Does no one remember when the wheels dropped 5*s more frequently than they were supposed to (“viktorgate”)? Or when an item was missing from a wheel completely?

I mean is it actually that ridiculous to think there COULD be something off with the odds on this one. Doesn’t hurt to check… or ask…or for some dev to verify all is working as intended.


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