Please switch back to blue keys

First level up, now raids. Don’t keep changing out the Sclass collection items so it takes us even longer to get a single toon. Many of us are closer to Pete than Priya especially since she requires so much more. Bring back blue keys for event rewards


No! You are so selfish. There are people who are trying to get priya. They gave blue keys for weeks, now it’s time for cones you selfish


They should be choice boxes. No single collectable should be given now anywhere


priya is ■■■■■■■ trash she can be killed in two hits… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So you’d rather them keep switching out the items so it takes even longer to get a toon?

Choice boxes. Keeps everyone happy. There is no down side to a choice box.


Calls people selfish, wants cones for self :thinking: :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:


Choose box is good. Besides, they give the same total number of blue keys ratio as the old rm. You just need to claim it or save it for later use

yes choice boxes would be better but i am thinking they want pete out first for players then priya etc

there is costs 166 per run of the map

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cost is higher, but items are more as well

Blue key map was fine how it was, minus using torches or act 2. They had other rm’s for the other gear.

They also need to increase the total amount of gear and special items they are giving out.


It should just be a choice box

Doesnt Priya require less? Except for the leveling up a toon?

PS… everyone should have switched over to priya. While your getting Pete, other players are getting priya to demolish your Pete lol


6 star priya is trash… she dies in two hits you need S class copy or shes pointless.

She’s an attack toon. She doesn’t die with two hits on attack. Anyone using her on defense is silly.


Just got Pete so keys are pointless now. Considering they’re in war crates etc. maybe we need another use for them.

How? Mustve spent a lot.

Nope. Got the Harper and Bruce collection. Rest was grinding.

I agree I need keys