Please stop with these rewards

Lug nuts, teddys and whatever was previous. They need to stop. I mean dont get me wrong any top 10 level up player will say keep them, but what what about the rest of the players? Im generally a top 50/ top 150 finisher and struggle to get half of these items needed for the lowest tier reward.


Please don’t… A new collection that require lower amounts of lug nuts will benefit players who can’t get a pull without impacting those players that want varied choices in rewards.


Agreed. Competing in what is already considered the worst event of all for a month is stupid. Don’t listen to the guy above :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Are you saying not to compete in level up at all? More lugnuts for me then anyway

Holy shit, how did you even get that? Never implied that, if at all.

I got it, by reading what you put. It’s a particular set of skills I picked up in nursery. Here goes:

Competing - Taking part

Worst event - presumably level up

For a month - Why a month? You need to win twice for Marlon. Not all month. Other combinations I’m sure it’s not all month either.

Is stupid - Just a hunch, but guessing you don’t like it.

Hence, taking part in level up, all month (?) = don’t do


Thanks for telling me half of what you gathered were based on presumptions (2 & 4). In any case, I obviously am not asking players to not compete. Who am I, their Mother?

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Have they said which toons are going to be available yet ?

Douglas, Davie, Yellow Beta.

Presumption. But was I wrong? No. I told you I was skillful. I’m that skillful you also want to ask me questions now too.

to much work for shit toons

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Half wrong. Man, did you presume you were completely right too? You probably should get your nursery to sack their teachers.

Thank you , means I can skip it entirely :slight_smile: Have them all already

Wasn’t half wrong. You meant level up and you don’t like it. ‘Just a hunch’ was more sarcasm than actually working out via diagrams and equations to estimate whether ‘is stupid’ was a positive or negative sentiment.

Maybe as posted the other day (can’t remember who) put lower toons in 3k and 5k milestones so everyone has something to go for, I get 2 toons out of this event every time but would still like it to change for others


stuff this event tbh we need gear events again how are we meant to keep up top 10 with 5 star ponits they only get you so far. And one toon a week from shitie legues store is not great aswell.

The top prize going from Marlon to Davie? Ffs Scopes.

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Davie??? Rofl. Im gonna earn 20 days free of this game

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Im so happy these are the rewards, 500k and im good lol a month of taking it easy

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This is what happens to the younger generation when they ALL get medals for participating in competitive sports

man up … its “Competitive”

Level ups always finishes around 5-6am my time so i generally never see the end of the event to compete but i do alright, if you cant compete then save and save some more. ~Ive seen many free to play players actually win level ups from this strategy

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