Please stop with these level ups


Please please please pretty please. Enough with all the level up events. This is really getting way outta hand now. 2 and 3 lvl events every week is straight up ridiculous. It makes no sense to do the same event this much. Please for all that is holy. Please give us a break with these level up events.

And please bring back Mid Week Blitz War. Please please please.


I agree with you 100% but they will never stop. There are dozens of people who spend money on every single one of them even when the rewards are total crap. The only thing to do is be ok with sitting one out. You do not have to participate in every single one of them. You do not have to hit every single milestone. Pick and choose. When the reward warrants the effort go for it. Trust me you will be much happier once you are able to do this. Took me some time to get here myself but now that I am here I am in such a happier place with the game.


Umm yeah doesnt change a thing cause i dont hit every milestone everytime. I dont participate in every single one. So my feelings arent from doing that.

If your gonna post negative feedback please just dont post. This is for people to comment and stand up for the change not tell me how and why they wont do it. Thank you.


Not one thing I said was negative. Wow. Realize this the game is not designed around your needs. Neither of us like the level ups but there are probably tons of people who do. So either participate or don’t. Those are your options.


I agree just take one or two off save up and do one. You don’t have to compete in every event.


Right. Having fewer means you have to choose between leveling your toons now or holding them. And when you do finally get a levelup, everyone else has been in the same boat and you have to put up a ton more effort to place any particular rank. This situation, while not ideal for those who feel like they must place a certain rank every single event, gives everyone free stuff on a frequent basis for doing what they should be doing anyway.


As usual, I will play the devil’s advocate and say that the Lvl Up tourneys is the only thing someone like me can even be good at. I have a couple of epics who I can send off on the YGL scav mission and earn a bunch of points. Usually, I land in the second last place but since I started focusing on my the higher tier epics, I manage to place one tier higher than usual, which is very important in the case of these collection events where I need to put my best effort in the tourneys to make sure I get the free epic character. It’s as good as any F2P player can get. I can’t just go and raid everyone I get matched with. There’s only so far I can get in Tournament Road, and as with raiding, same goes to war as I can only get so few points. Leveling up a few levels is the only thing that get me the milestone rewards and a better rank.


I personally like these level up events. Especially when compared to how to game used to be run. One event, then a day or two break, and another event followed by another break. With levels ups having lower stakes now then before, it’s nice always having something running.


I think it’s reasonable to have as many lvl ups as we do, now that pretty much everyone has 5*, and level ups reward people for progressing characters. It’s the gear throttling that makes them annoying, imo.

I’d go a step further and just have a perpetual level up always active, with milestones and rewards that reset after a certain amount of time.


i still dont understand

you can choose to participate or not thats freedom

but not try to take away something good for others


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Ditch level up tournaments altogether
Make the Level Up button a permanent fixture on the game interface with a reworked renown/goal structure
Introduce a Renown Depot where we exchange points earned from leveling for gear/event items/trainers/whatever
Rolling weekly/biweekly leaderboards for those still obsessed with ranking