Please stop with the 5* roadmaps

I know many have really good 5* teams, but the game is all sclass now. I didn’t bother to keep much of a 5* team after years of 6* and sclass.
Please stop with the 5* and less requirement for road maps.


Nah, ALL roadmaps should be 5* only


5 stars are easy to level up and max.

You should be able to get a decent team in less then a week I guess…


Not all, but I definitely welcome 5* maps to be at least 30% of the story/special roadmaps.

They shouldn’t be too hard though - the 4th stage of aftermath with a T2 rush is borderline, if not too difficult for newer players already…


My old school team is my favorite team. I like the 5* maps.

I’d rather the game be made interesting with things like 5* maps than just having an endless meta mill where every character is pointless after 3 months


5* toons are more readily available to newer players allowing them to participate in events and grow so that factions can fill in the slowly decaying population of this game with so many retirements. I’m pro 5* roadmaps and I support this message.


in other games they would reduce the char

so ur s.class would.drop down to a 5 star max char (to with max rush) that would be interesting

hero hunters did that, they also had the shards which we copied and I had recommened!

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I don’t see the problem tbh. Everyone needs a decent 5 star arena team. I just use that

Doesn’t take a lot of resources to put together. You can use S Class ascendables waiting to become S Class if need be

And roster space is roomier now


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