Please stop the zombification of territories or reap what you sow


Stop raiding territories and leaving them to zombies, no one is getting tokens hardly anymore and nobody wants to dump teams constantly. Scopely is going to realize that with no-one getting tokens they can go back and sell them again. While many of these tokens aren’t critical, they do not need to be monetized. If your going to raid a territory then raid it and take claim back it. Have the cojones guys


Nah to many selfish people play this game dude


More of a headache now , I’m fine with it burning to the ground


Word was past through our region to at least leave a team in so it won’t go to walkers. A lot of people apparently didn’t get the message or they don’t care cause they are still leaving the territories to walkers


I’ve said **** it and just let them all go to walkers. A lot on my region feel that way. People will stop when they run out of places to attack.


^^^ This, just pretend like that map doesn’t exist outside of the crits, if they are going to starve others out, starve them out in return. Leave the whole damn map to the walkers.


This will do nothing. You spend 10+ energy to capture a territory from walkers only to have someone spend 2 energy (assuming 1 team) to walker it again.


What’s ridiculous is having to use 20 energy to take a territory from walkers. Make it 50-60 walkers per stage instead of 18-26.


Not mine but tagged this time


Yep escambia is still a mess. The only solutions will come from scopelys hand. I told my ppl that its free for all at this point. None at all to even placing a team. We dont feed our enemies points intentionally, just like war.


It doesn’t work. It’s pointless that’s what I was trying to say. I personally have given up with territories.


Its got better over the last 24hrs in my region, leaders got together and said stop fucking around and stack them, most seem to have listened

Still 14 terr over to walkers atm though




players aren’t selfish,its fun for them.


Out of the 40 territories only 12 are being held by factions. The rest are walkers.


While some people are starting to cooperate, it’s not enough. In our region we still have one Faction that hasn’t gotten it through their thick skulls yet. It’s gonna happen folks, Scopely will begin to sell 4 & 5 tokens soon enough. Come on guys work together or DAD will force our hands.


Your region mates are not your enemies in leagues.


This is what I’m fearing. Scopley saw a need in the community and put a price tag on and a hefty one to boot. This will happen with tokens. Please guys wake up and cooperate.


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