Please stop removing normal rewards in place of nuggets

This suggestion has been said a few times and think it’s worth bringing up again and again.

Please stop removing normal rewards and replacing with nuggets in these events. It awesome these events are being held even if I am not a big fan of them but the normal items for normally secedule events have been removed.

Bring back the golden tokes and such that would normally be in events or hold special on the side events for these nuggets please and Thank you.


The fact that you are mentioning this as criticism means they will keep on doing it unfortunately.


So I would be better off using reverse psychology?


lol who knows, everything we say we do not like or want is what they keep doing.

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Nope. Nothing works. Tell them what we want or don’t want…it don’t matter.

We are just pawns without any say in the matter.

But best believe it’s in my notes and ive discussed it with MY team :grin:


The tide does not always change when you want it to nor expect it but when it does can be in an instant and maybe to your favor.

Let’s hope scopee has not taken to eating tide pods though.


I actually like the nuggets. You can get the good gear for 6s, or you can save for Vincent. Either is better than 5* tokens.

Perhaps you have grown past the need for tokens but not everyone is there. It also means that you are more likely to place high on events and get the rewards.

The game should cater to all not just the few in my opinion of course. What good is this event to a player with a 4* team?

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That’s not the point…we like the nuggets as well but it SHOULDN’T be the sole prizes.

So many other games have calendar of events with multiple prizes etc. They don’t stop giving one thing to substitute for another… You get it in addition with everything else…

Scopely is always one or another. It’s ridiculous.

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By now it’s clear that our “feedback” is basically filtered for revenue opportunities and that’s it.

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Remember all it’s not a debate on the nuggets and their value. Rather a request to stop substitution of rewards.

If your boss chooses to pay you in stocks instead of money without telling you nor giving a choice. The problem is not the fluctuating value of the stock prices. It’s the removal of what was already in place without consult or deliberation.

I would like to see nuggets in addition to tokens, not as a replacement for them. I don’t know why we can’t have both. There’s an empty space and everything.