Please, stop giving mods as tournament rewards


Would love 5* tokens by far still need that damn alpha


Hope you are not being serious!


Yes. Just yes.


Golden mods are easy to get. Even when you have the chance to buy it in the League store. Also the last tournament got crappy rewards (the top 10 got a chance of getting 50%silver/gold)
Gear, tokens, even Benedicts are better rewards.
Mods addition to the game just gave a stupid way to increase the gap between players and giving useless rewards instead of useful things, just like the kits from SR (Which are worse).


Love gold mods as rewards… if anything they need to stop giving hand crank radio and military watches, got tons of them


You say to buy mods from the league store, but also say we need gear? Seems contradictory.


I agree i dont need more crit mods and stop giving so many ulysess they are taking only space in my rooster and give some more legendary gear instead


Gold mods are pivotal in the current state of the game
… if you don’t realize that gear or trainers arent going to help your team… And every event except raids gives everything else… 2 wars to date have been all that have given mods… That’s 2 events per week that give mods compared to 4 level ups 2 Sr onslaught war usually … Plenty of chances for you to get all the other stuff . Raids events are the best imo since they give mods


I’ll admit gear is needed most but as long as people continue to throw money at the gear shortage they won’t make it more readily available


Other than Liliths and gear for T3/T4 6*s, gold mods are BY FAR the best tournament reward. Everything else is shit.

If you don’t like silver mods, try harder in tournaments.


I love mods as prizes. So happy with the uypesis tho right? Im curious, since you get mods so easily you must have 100% perfect op mods that are amazing on your teams that need no improvements can we see them?


Wish i could give 1000 likes. …3x as many raidos and watches as ascendables or 6*s to use them on and they just keep them coming


You need 4-5 mods for just a character while you need more than that to level up characters. The gear is more expensive and rare than the mods. That’s why I prefer that.


Gold mods are game breaking… I’ll take my chances on mods any day. We need more not less.


Mods as rewards > Gear as rewards

Gear rewards will most likely be RNG crates. Mods are that rewards or store. Best way to offer gear is tokens and a store. Which is the League store. The real request should be to increase token amounts, especially given coins were cut for it.


No thanks I’ll keep collecting 9 gold mods every other week.


I really love all the attack down resist mods im getting, gonna be fukn op.


Mods all the way.

Honestly speaking, only mod rewards motivate me.

Mods are rng built on rng built on rng. So you need a crap ton just to have chance of getting decent ones. the more mods given out, the more chances.


Gear is something im lacking but them giving us 3 or 4 bags of rng with 1 piece in each does nothing for me. Ill likely get something i have tons of and still have 2 practice dummies. Mods are something you can almost always change out on a toon to make it even better. Whether it be you had to use a silver to make a set or got crappie upgrades. If they offered lets say 6 pieces of t3 gear that wasnt rng i wouldn’t mind a rotation of mods and gear. But that doesn’t or wont happen. If i remember correctly they took out the t3 gear from milestones last war that actually wasnt rng.

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