Please, stop giving mods as tournament rewards


They’re not worth it, they are already easy to get and giving it like a faction reward is extremely bad. Even when you have the chance to get a silver one.


I don’t think two a week in a weekly roadmap is ‘easy to get’


You need volume in order to have any chance at getting something half-decent. And then even more rng luck to get it to a decent level.


What would you like instead? Gear? 5 star tokens? More ar/active skill trainers? Gold mods are the best prize for this type of event.


lililths would be a great prize too


They’re easy to get because they give them out as rewards :joy:


To be fair gear and liliths would be a good prize.


I guess you’re right but mods aren’t bad either.


Okay, rewards will now be 10k food bags.


Definitely not, I don’t see the problem with mods for rewards.


I’m not a huge fan,as anyone who needs gold mods won’t get them as a reward


I need gold mods and Imma get them as a reward.


Completely disagree with OP, I always want more gold mods, better than a lot of other crap we could get.


Yeah, let’s replace em with burts


I partially do agree about this i wish sometimes they could switch it up like Mods to Gear to 5 Star Tokens to etc

Or an Interesting Choice would be giving away Season Tokens for 1st Place to get season toons

1st Place: 2500
2nd Place: 2000
3rd Place: 1500
4th Place: 1000
5th Place: 750
6-10 Place: 500
11-50 Place: 250


For me Gold mods are the best rewards available in the game right now. Whoever thinks mods are bad, aint been using them well.


Gear or better yet League store gear tokens , I don’t dislike the mods but I like many others are struggling for gear with the constant level ups . And if you want more mods you can use the tokens to buy them .


What they need to stop giving is duct tape and polishing kits as rewards I have over 100 of each but running low on gear and never have that many extra liliths sitting around


This is all bad… Post like these make me happy they don’t pay attention to the forums


Mine was ap down gold defence mod out of the silver and gold mod box