Please Sir, may I have some more...gear

So I have been sitting on about 6 or 7 legendary characters, at t3 ready to go to t4 for several months now. Just picked up a couple more from recent events and they are also stuck at t3.

The lack of legendary gear is killing me. I look at the offers for new toons, the collections, the wheels, and the promos and can only think, why bother? I cannot level the ones I have. Been using the same team for 2 months now. Would love to try out some other set ups but not going to happen at this rate.

Am I missing something? is their any way, currently to get t4 legendary gear without spending?


league store, they started putting league points in milestones for some events so you can buy w/e gear you want

its like the gear depot 2.0, noone wanted gear depot when it first went in, but thats what were stuck with , and people learned to use it. people going have to do same with league store and learn to use it for gear

This is true, I can cash in all my tokens for like one canteen.

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U can get a ton of points if u hit milestones in level up

Tokens not points

Yea, I exaggerate a bit. Have about 100k points, more than I thought. Still would like to see a gear map that can be farmed. As it is now am looking at upgrading one or maybe two characters, then saving for several months and doing the same. Not exactly conducive to experimentation with teams.

What!?! You just received gear only a year ago, why would you need more? (Sarcasm)

feel it shifted, at the start it was supose to be 6stars slightly stronger then 5stars, that went to poo very quickly, new meta seems to be easy to get gear to get them t3, hard to get t4. far as using the league store to get the toons t3, its not that bad, get watches, radios from events and buy the 6 trait specific pieces from the store, but i aggree the t4 gear is expensive, and be better to get in a musuem type event.

but to be stuck using the same team for 2 months just cause you cant t4, get them to t3 using league store mod them to make up the stat differance, rushes/ actives / leader skills/ mods play a bigger part in battles now then 100hp and defense the extra tier gives

and yes i agree a t4 is better then a t3, but it doesnt make them bad at t3

Hmmm, guess that is a good point. I have stuck in my head that they have to be t4 to be competitive. Is their only about 100hp difference? By the time you get rushes and mods in place that really would not make much of a difference.

T3 is definitely useable, especially on offense. I prefer to T4 my defense characters because you need all you can get to defend, but you can mix in T3 as long as you cover them with mods


^ yeah thats what i do basicly, save t4 for things i want to defense, but if its just attack im not worried about the small stat boost, with attack mods they destory things just as fast, my melee team is t3 but it destorys most green/yellow blue/yellow defenses easly .

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