Please scopely :)

I beg you please drop a legacy toon, Maggie must be ready to go now…:sleepy:


I think they already have all the planned legacy toons for the next 2 years finished. They just don’t care enough to bother releasing them bc, fook f2p :man_shrugging: just my opinion


Why drop a 1st Gen Legacy when they can drop a shiny new Alert Abide toon for people to spend their money on?



If anyone really wants to see a change you have to start hitting them where it hurts and that is their bottom line otherwise it will be business as usual with one big op promo after another with no decent f2p toons in sight.


If a business keeps giving away their product for free how do they stay in business? Think about this, if you were to going to McDonald’s and keep telling them you want a free cheeseburger because you like McDonald’s how many free cheeseburgers do you think you’ll get? Let me cut out the math and make it easy for you… It’s zero. It takes money to make a game and that’s why they make characters that cost money first.


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