Please Scopely we need more Benis

Please Scopely we need another way to get more benedicts or atleast some low lvl trainers… with so many Level tournaments its really hard leveling our chars specially for F2Ps. :pray::pray::pray:


Lol :joy::man_shrugging::man_facepalming::joy:

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That’s the point of f2p, it takes longer to progress… pathway event was a once in a lifetime opportunity, you need to have Benedict withdrawal

We need more benedicts for ascendance

Basic tokens u can get 5s?!

Are you not getting basic five star characters from basic tokens? Not all will be used for legacy if any. you might think about using them if needed.

He’s right. I think that I’m now down to only about 200 Bennys…

Yeah but Idk what’s with.

What are you ascending?

Benis sounds oddly sexually


I so mis-read that title.

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Still sitting on about 900 benidicts wtf did you do with them all

Burned most of mine leveling useless 5*’s because I’m gear locked and almost out of 6*’s to level.

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precisely i need 2500 bennies

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If anything we need more Liliths and Adens as rewards and less Ulysses. I got so many Ulysses and get a Lilith drop lile once a week if that.

Tbf in the name of freeing up roster space i sold a shit ton to depot. Then in turn bought several ascendables and toons i couldnt get my hands on. I almost wish i saved some crates now

Also, the names Benis…Pig Benis

Watch, they’ll only read the title, assume typo, and give us an event with lots and lots of beanies

Jokes aside, another pathways type event with the coin or Benedict box would be really great

I had 8 Benis but not anyone worth ascending so my Benis is growing and kinda hurts
May use on Camila
Looool :joy::rofl: