Please Scopely pay attention

Hello to all. I would like to ask you scopely, add this character to the game! this character’s name is Zaurbek, I’m a big fan of the walking universe, I have been playing this game for 3 years, during these 3 years a lot has changed in my life, something for the better, something for the worse, and I would really like if You have added this character to the game. no matter what it will be, I would really like to be in this game.

I would like to hear the opinion of scopely employees)

and in advance sorry for the text, I Russian.


Awesome work, but I cant help think he’s about to save Wallace and Grommet from an attack


wallace-gromit-460_781628c For those who don’t know

Good job, but it’s pointless, they don’t care.

@Ret - Thank you for the nice post! I am glad to read that you are a big fan of the Walking Dead Universe. Although, I can not promise anything but I have shared your post with the Game Team.



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