Please scopely... Let us also finish


10 days left for this event to end for what? If you not gonna throw in more of these… Just end it… Me and including alot more are short by 75… Throw in at least one more for 75 in these solo lvup or something :frowning: we also want that weapon


Bumping this



What about the barbed wires? I am 40 short any hopes on having a chance for more of those?


No word on the barbed wire as far as I know.


Normally with events like this, scopely loves to let it SEEM like we’re about to work and grind for something…

Then they decide to add money into the mix. “Buy this crate/bag for a chance at ____ and complete the collection!”

Not sure how people are surprised by this as they’ve been doing this for quite some time now.

You get very close to completing something and everything stops. Roadmaps. Drops during raids/world maps, etc. It’s kinda messed up but I’ve started to think the worst with these events and I usually end up right, sadly.

Pray for the best. Expect the worst.


That is the best part, feeling of time and resource (beside cash) wasting is what makes this game great


The catch up day for those gun pieces will be in the form of milestones and mystery bags, so who knows how many youll have to buy.


Sorry. Forgot to add that last bit:

People who go for top prizes to complete something end up with it.

So usually it’s the top factions that walk away with rewards.

I’ve been playing 2 years competitively and not sure how people continue to grind hard like this lol


Yea, That’s all I know for now still.

I don’t think there’s a 100% answer yet but i’ll ping!


This is my #1 think right now. Lol i want my damn AK. I don’t even know what I missed to not have it yet!