Please rotate leagues end time

League stretches have ALL ended in the middle of the night for Eastern US timezone players. It seems like we’ve settled in to this extremely unfair pattern that adversely affects a significant portion of the playerbase. This end time makes it nearly impossible for players on the east coast who have a job to be able to protect against last minute surges by other players pushing them out of promotion or into demotion status. Please find a way to rotate the time when leagues end.

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Could do with war times starting earlier than midnight GMT as well

League end times gives a slight advantage to Europeans, given that it’s a week long event a last minute surge would have minimal effect.

But literally EVERY other event gives a significant disadvantage to Europeans, starting & ending in the middle of the night.

I’ll happily take an all round fix.

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You cant have it all your own way.

Euros get screwed on pretty much everything.
War starts at 12-1am and ends at 5-6 am. They miss out on a lot of war time.

Raids start at 1am.
Level ups have ended at 4am in the past.

Leagues finish at 8am

And you complain because East Coast get 1 bad end time? There’s more to the world than the east coast.


I asked for them to rotate them. I didn’t ask for them to switch it to my timezone.

Also, there are probably as many or more players in this timezone than any other single timezone.

And if you want to complain about everything, SR starts at 1am tonight, war starts late and ends at 1 or 2am on Mondays… round and round we can go.

They should rotate.

War starts late hahaha only if 7pm is past your bedtime. You are correct in saying there are probably more US players and that is already reflected in you getting preferable times for almost everything.

All events starting and ending times need rotating this has always been an issue and they mainly favour US players war raids and SR always start in the middle of the night for GMT and European players and league’s end at 7am for me

They used to change the times up a little bit more now they are on a set schedule which at least makes it predictable rather than consulting VK every day but not fair on alot of the non US playerbase…

Anyway wasting my breath stuff never changes for the better anyways

Im free to play, work, and just play raids and events before work and during lunch break. Been #1 this season so far. Use extra cans if you have and make sure to score high in raid event to stay on top. Most ppl on my league board quit awhile making it easy to win.

P. S

I don’t know anyones work schedule, but hope you get top rank too.

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The higher up you go the harder it gets. You could be #4 whole time and get bumped way down. I’m in diamond 1 and am content just staying there. I pushed last season and reward vs time and effort not worth it. Once you get in diamonds it starts to be a 24/7 job or spending all those coins to what? Get coins back and way less I might add lol unless they make the rewards better people will eventually see having a d measuring contest isn’t worth it.

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Something you’ve never heard before.

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Lol buddy.

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That’s a true statement in more ways then 1.

Now now boys no reason to try and make this an actual measuring contest put all the hard things away


Literally laughed out loud :joy:

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