Scopely at 8pm est tonight will be releasing this new toon below as a preimer toon & S-Class via museum collection.

@Lockdown has made a great video explaining the mechanics of this toon, but viewing further, expertly explains the concerns that Scopely should have about releasing such a toon onto it’d customer base (8:06 in)

Please Scopely, please view this video and feedback and reevaluate releasing this toon.

If indeed you are taking on board what Scopelys Players Council feedback is and customers, you would see that this toon is not a current solution and may in fact become a very real problem.

The game is meant to have an element of skill and although so toons can be purchased to negate that, some customers are still finding through skill that even in this OTT OP toon era, that they are able to utilise skill and enjoy the game, which is what a company would want. Realising a toon like this, that before a customer does anything already guarantees 300 bleed damage to all toons with its leader skills, for 3 turns (600 for S-Class) is TOO EXCESSIVE. If you want a remedy for payback, create some mods, a toon with leaders kills that include anti payback etc, but not a toon that is going to make players just flee. What is the point in that?

In this current meta this toon is too premature to be released, there is a lack of a RANGE of solutions to combat this toon and it widens the gap even more so and will be a massive turn off for the majority of your customers base.

Please review further these points and that of the video as they are constructive and please rethink releasing this toon.

Thank you.

@ForumAdmin @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

PU- What is is about? Check link


This is what a Scopely staff member had to say in guise of a new account lol :joy:


Will be released on schedule because they don’t care

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Wow, they really don’t play the game do they. We are just hanging on with all these OP toons they keep releasing, now they say we have to sacrifice a fundamental slot that we need to try and beat or defend them in this unbalanced game with a chance of not bleeding? You cannot be serious. They really don’t get it.

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This is what happens when you let extremely stupid people run good things, they run it to ground. I honestly believe if this game is handled by another company and an able groups of developers and coders, it would still be fun.


Wait, what?!? I change my opinion about him not being the worst offender. 1800 bleed PER TOON?!?
Scopely, are you f@cking mental?!?

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If that was the case, I would go so far in saying it would have been one of the most successful mobile games ever released.


If the road map come out so does the toon it is inevitable

Yep check the video and the stats on the first photo. I know it’s bad

Shiiiiiiit… (Yes it’s a proper sentence stupid filter)

If that was the case I would have no issue with spending regularly instead of not at all since the issues got too much and to repetitive over the years after customers have repeatedly tried to give them feedback

Lol I know. Where is the skill. I don’t even think this toon needs 5 def, just him, a lacerator and a healer or shield if that cos will be over in a couple turns

Lol at “relax and let enemies drop like flies” :joy: so much strategising, oof.


zach will just heal those effects. not op at all

Yeah cause he’s totally gonna heal the effects when jiafeng is here, think with your brain


They will probably review him and make sure to buff his base stats since they are too low. You can still kill him before his bleed will kill you…

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