Please reverse 6* stat buff for varietys sake


Just the stats for all to see about current available 6* and why there is no variation (yes some 5* are still viable but when tier 4 becomes more common they wont be)

Here are the stats, If you want to have a 6* team especially for defense who can you choose? There is currently 22 6* (10 f2p, 10 p2p (shane who is semi f2p from prizes but not readily available) and dwight currently unreleased) . So what variations can you have if your f2p?

Your leader?- Carl, Mirabelle, Barker, and Shane. Varied right? But wait barker and shane are trait specific so are nowhere near as viable as Mira or Carl

Ok you chose your leader as an f2p player so lets have a look at your potential variations of teams.

In Range as you have- Mirabelle, Yumiko, Tyrese,Abraham, Sidique , and Shane(see above)
Or Melee- you have Carl, Negan,Barker,Shiva, and Ezekiel,

That means if you want to go range you have 6 options if you already own Shane, or 5 options if you want to go melee, and as there are no universal 6* you cant really run a mix of both in a team.

** Just for recap That means out of 21 viable characters half are f2p and half are p2p (with the exceptions above)
That also means if you want to run all melee you have no team choice , and range, you can swap one character in or out if had shane prior to ascendance if not tough luck ,you have got no choice as anyone else , hence why almost everyone has the same team**

So just inferring from the current releases that we have had we since release we are averaging 1 new purchasable 6* to every f2p 6* and as there is an approximate backlog of over 200 characters, that means we will see at least 200 more new characters before everyone currently in the roster is made ascendable .which also means that it may take 4 years before we see everyone become viable again ( at current rate).

This is why buffing the stats of 6* ruined the game for most, you forced our hands to ascend ,yet didn’t give the variation for us to do , this is why the game is so stale as if you don’t want to spend like myself (as our investments can literally be wiped out overnight) this is coming from a man who had spent for the past 2 years in game both money and time, and for all that my team is the exact same as a guy in the tenth faction with a fifth of the prestige i have.

All these problems can be temporarily solved while you update the ascendance list by reversing the stat buff on 6* , it will bring more variety back into the game, as more teams will become viable again. Both my previous polls show the community did not want the stat buff , so i will poll again with a simple question

Do you want the 6* to be debuffed to old levels again so there can be a bigger variety of viable team choices?

  • Yes
  • No

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Instead of them reverse the buffs, I’d rather just see them release all those 6*s that they already have ready, and then a few more for good measure. They should have had a bunch ready for the launch of ascendance.


I couldn’t agree more about the lack of variety of teams currently. Our teams used to be our identity in this game. There were so many different teams with toons I’ve only seen a couple times. We spent many dedicated hours earning these toons, our teams were unique and to me this was the best part of the game. This is completely gone now. We are literally forced to have copycat teams. Nearly every single person has either carl or Mira as their leader, with a tyreese, zeke, shiva, and one of a few different shields. I’m not saying this is what most teams are, I’m saying most teams with multiple 6* have at least a couple of these toons composing part of their team. Epic toons are becoming completely worthless the more people are creating multiple 6*. This is forcing everyone else to create multiple 6* to keep from losing every raid and every war battle. Whether attacking or defending. Soon everyone WILL have near identical 6* teams, and 5*'s will become the new 4*.


Dude, the buff hardly did anything for 6*s. With Carl and boob teams sometimes they can still get one shotted by the opposite color, especially Andrea popping off. Even without the buffs they’re a powerhouse.


not going to happen, overpowered 6* are here to stay. get good or die trying.


I agree. I raid and defend with practically the same team. There is NO variation at all. Gone are the days when you could use your full roster. Andrea team take in your yellows. It was fun. Now it’s just boring. I refuse to spend for 6* and apart from the 30 day pass I’m now f2p. Either give us more variation or debuff the 6* so I can go back to using some of my 50+ 5*. The game is stale. Something has to change.


Sorry dude but i say this as a guy who has ascended 8 6* , i have zero challenge anymore, i dont even think about who they are running i just bring the same team in for everyone. i dont think ive lost a raid since the buff,and i certainly havent been destroyed in war, im genuinely looking at my team right now and i dont think i have to improve it for the next year, other than to tier them up as it will probably still be viable then .

Gone are the days of having set teams for set people and wheres the fun in that? Its boring end of, and a re decrease in stats may end this, it will certainly introduce more varity until there is a greater stash of 6* to choose from


Even if this wasn’t the case the power buff should never happened.

People playing catch up or maybe stuck in the fantasy land of 5*s should have been given time to see the silliness of not moving over.

Also for a better overall gameplay.

Everyones accounts basically got reset.
The 5*s of old aren’t even getting ascended in a hurry and I don’t think most ever will do.

The power difference is way too big between 5* and 6*.
Players would have realised given a week or 2 that 5* weren’t going to work…without the buff


What are you smoking can you send me some?
And of course Andrea’s ar can still severly damage 6* but as she literally has zero defence she is easily one shotted by 6*'s ,my barker does it all the time , and she is useless on carl leads, but she was also not the meta before the buff either.
There are a handful of 6* who can still compete but these were the best if the best before the buff, there just a lot less viable, i no longer see character like, sandy, or green revive glenn, or viktor (minigun), or green gatherer morgan, all had there uses but are comletely useless in todays meta especially on defence, id love to see you use an andrea team against mine, even with a mira lead, im 95% sure id defend you and id get no enjoyment facing it either


I laugh when I see Andrea in a defence team now. Her Eagle eye does nothing to a carl lead defence. :joy:


Woah calm down man. That’s an insult. I don’t smoke, and would ever do that, so I guess I’m smoking my own thoughts and opinions. Lol