Please revamp war chests for upcoming war @kalishane


Please revamp war chests for upcoming wars. War is the top event in this game. It is truly frustrating to war all weekend (personally I participated in over 60 wars this past weekend) and receive over 200 basic tokens, 2 Burts, and enough supply points to buy 3 cans in supply depot.

War chests are one of the reasons that makes war fun for me and also gives an incentive to keep playing once milestones are all completed.

Some suggestions:

  1. A decent amount of 5* tokens (a lot of older players don’t want these as war prizes but they are still very relevant to new players and some f2p, and some older but lower level players… Older players would still get these too in addition to the top prizes they want, so this could make everyone happy)
  2. 4* weapons tokens (most only see these from territories so it would be cool to get a chance a more weapons)
  3. Benedicts
  4. Lilliths, Ulysses, Adens
  5. Prestige tokens or significant amount of elite items tokens
  7. Bags of food
  8. Duct tape and polishing kits
  9. Supply depot points in larger amounts (maybe survival road and faction assault depot points, as they all have different items)
  10. War cans again :slight_smile:

Everyone please feel free to comment what you would like to see in war chests as well.


Please read @kalishane


Definitely agree with putting Lillith in there


Only agree with 3/4/6…

5* token sucks


Not possible since scopes is running out of pixels.

On a serious note, for all that is holy remove the basic tokens at least if no revamp will happen.


Understandable. Everyone may not want or benefit from every single thing on the list, but it would be nice to make it worthwhile to get and inclusive to as many people as possible.