Please Remove 4* from "Prestige" wheel


I have literally pulled nothing but 4* from it since it’s introduction, what is “Prestige” about that, considering how long it takes to get a pull.


The same can be said about some of the other tokens. What’s ‘Elite’ about a 3* weapon?


Yea it makes no sense to have 4 stars in the prestige wheel. Prestige tokens are the hardest to obtain so they should have the most desirable characters on it only. Maybe make it ascendable characters only and give them as war rewards over 5 star tokens. 5 star tokens fine for other tourneys but war prizes need a boost big time.


What’s rare about a common three star


Sometimes you better off banking multiple pulls I pulled some 5* doing multiples


Yeah, would be great to get a gurantee 5*. It don’t must be a Ascenable one, but a one of Exclusiv, like Erin or Yellow Mirabelle. And actually I also would be a bit Happy with a Exclusiv 4*, like Conrad, but last Pulls were 2 Blue Sherrys and Thompson :expressionless:


It would become a 5* pull then. They should replace 4* by interesting items such as duct tape or polishing kits or rare 4* weapons.


What about just reducing the cost of a pull to 200? At least this way we’re getting 5 4-stars for the price of 1. Could be a good way to help with ascension and if on a rare occasion a 5-star pops out its a bonus.

Instead of putting this on the prestige wheel why not put this on the helper wheel? That needs a massive overhaul. Right now it’s essentially just another basic token wheel. We don’t need two basic token wheels.


This, I dont even bother collecting helper rewards, they are so garbage


My idea would be to throw in some 6*s on that wheel on like a 0.5% or something around there and increse the odds of 5 stars. to 49.5% so it’s a 50/50 and a small chance on a free 6 star


It is kind of sad, actually. I used to look forward to Prestige pulls, got my one and only Shiva from that wheel when it first came out. Recently though, only 4*. Now I do what Dennis.menace suggested and save for multiple pulls at once. Not out of some strategy, rather I just don’t look forward to the pull anymore.

Add Prestige pulls to the list of game features that used to be interesting or useful that have been "fixed’ to near uselessness:

  1. Prestige pulls. Would be cool to have a chance at weapons or parts.
  2. Legendary training. What a waste. So much time and resources to upgrade and only have received one 5*, ever. Another thing I don’t bother with anymore. I can now farm all the 3* I want in later map missions.
  3. Elite weapon tokens. Save them for 10 pulls and don’t remember the last time I got anything but 3* weps.
  4. Helper rewards. Rarely bother. More effort to sell 1* crap than it is worth.
  5. Premier pull. I saved coins for months and made a 10 pull for blue Michonne, figuring I would get at least a 5* or an ascend-able toon. Nothing but 4*. Never have I been discouraged so hard to spend money. Why would I even consider spending when chances of getting any “carrot” is so abysmally low?

The level of bait and switch is so high that many “features” are just plain worthless.


Scopely doesn’t care guys…if I’ve learned one thing playing this game … It’s that they don’t care as long as people are still spending


I completed the last acheivement, doing 1560 scav missions. My reward was 8 basic tokens. Oooh! Thanks guys!! Do you know how long it takes to do 1560 scav missions? All for 8 chances for a tree branch…

I have suggested this before, so I guess it will continue to be ignored, but why not let basic tokens be exchanged for better options? 50 basic tokens can be exchanged for 100 weapon tokens… or 50 prestige tokens? It’s an idea, might make basic tokens useful instead of 100% useless…


Agree, but atleast you got a 5* from the traning ground once. I only got like 4 4* and
then nothing than 3*. I would just be happy to get atleast an exclusive one like Darnell.
My ‘‘best’’ score was 3* Otis… 3 times in a row


You are right, I do feel lucky for that one 5*. The game gods deemed me worthy on that special day. Well, “Lucky” is not right. I do not believe in luck, as far as the game goes. The odds are programmed in. Unless the Devs have found a way to not only prove that luck exists, but reduce it down to an equation, I will settle on the mathematical notion of probability.

Either way, the investment verses rewards of the Legendary training is, in my experience, a waste. All the other features, besides premium pulls, are at least free. So I guess anything is better than nothing,


I find the prestige wheel fine, while I don’t usually get 5*, the ones you can get are really good 5* characters, most of them anyway.


I agree with those who say
A. Lower the pull cost or
B. Make 5* more obtainable

It like someone from Scopely had a plan for it to be a resource for great characters, named it “prestige” but then changed their mind about it before release lol.

One pull every 2-3 months with 99% chance of 4*. Come on guys,…


theres actually a 12.5% chance of getting a 5 star


Those 1★, 2★, 3★, & 4★ in most wheels is ridiculous. We don’t need them in every wheel.


There aint much prestigious about pulling this guy

its the usual pull i get. Or some other trash 4*. I did pull blue sid last month and og michone about a year ago that is the only 5* ive pulled almost 2 years of the prestige system. It needs a for real face lift especially in the new 6* era